Callanetics Canberra | Yoga/Pilates Style Womens Exercise

Want a Workout That Won't Wear You Out?

What is Callanetics?

Callanetics is a no impact whole body wellness exercise technique, in which we take a muscle to a comfortable extension, and then add a tiny movement we call a pulse to tone the muscle. Callanetics strengthens the muscles, and relaxes and tones the body.

How can Callanetics Help Me?

Do you have stiff and sore joints? Does your back ache? Has your body lost tone and condition? The small, precise movements of Callanetics exercise the deeper muscles that regular exercise can’t reach. This means your muscles will be pulled up and in very quickly, you’ll feel great, and you’ll have a greater feeling of wellbeing, as well as improved posture and alignment. Callanetics can help you feel 10 years younger!

How Do I Start?

Trial classes are $10. FREE group classes available (check Book Classes)

No, It's Not Calisthenics!

Callanetics Canberra is Canberra's first Callanetics studio, and is owned and operated by Virginia Cooke. Callanetics Management Corporation certified Virginia to teach in December 2012 and she has taught in Canberra since then.

In 2014, Virginia studied the latest Callanetics techniques with Master Teacher Sandra Hanna of The Callanetics Studio.

Virginia runs Callanetics classes throughout the ACT, and weekend workshops within a 100km radius. If you'd like classes in your area, contact Virginia. She can work with you to find a time on the schedule. If you can find five others to be in the class at a suitable venue, your place in the first block of 10 classes will be free - a saving of $160!

Looking for an alternative to the gym?